Widow of DeSoto man killed in attempted carjacking upset with killer's 40-year sentence

A 22-year-old man has been sentenced to 40 years behind bars three years after he killed a man and shot his wife during an attempted carjacking in DeSoto.

The victim’s widow, Heather French, said she and her son still have flashbacks to this day. She said she believes a 40-year sentence isn’t enough, adding that she is still unsure if she will ever receive closure.

For three years, the family of 34-year-old Scott Thornhill waited for justice.

His killer, Evan McMaryion, pleaded guilty just last week and received a sentence of 40 years in prison.

Thornhill’s widow said she feels the sentence is light, considering Scott’s future was stripped and his family is left traumatized.

The crime happened back in May 2021. McMaryion was 19 years old when he shot and killed Thornhill during a carjacking attempt in DeSoto.

McMaryion also shot Thornhill’s wife, French, who was sitting in the vehicle.

She survived, and her son, Noah, witnessed the terror.


Mother recalls DeSoto shooting that left her wounded and her husband dead as her 5-year-old looked on

A North Texas family is now broken after a father was killed, a mother was wounded, and a son was traumatized.

The couple was dropping off the 5-year-old child when the attack happened. The sound of the shooting was recorded by a neighbor’s camera.

FOX 4 spoke to French back in 2021.

"We would’ve given him anything if he had just asked, and Scott fundamentally was the guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. There was no reason to open fire like that," she said.

She said Thursday that she still can’t help but wonder why McMaryion was out free in the first place. 

Two months before the murder, McMaryion pleaded guilty to charges related to stealing a car.

Instead of jail time, a judge signed off on community supervision.

Then, the fatal carjacking happened, and police later arrested Mcmaryion in Arizona, where he was driving a stolen vehicle.