Rumble strips, lower speed limit in Collin County construction zone

Authorities in Collin County hope to save some lives by making safety changes to a construction zone along Highway 75.

Three people have died in the area from Melissa to Anna since construction began in 2016.

Now, rumble strips sound off the beginning of the four-and-a-half-mile construction zone on Highway 75 going through northern Collin County. TxDOT dropped the speed limit from 65 to 55 miles an hour and Anna police and the Collin County Sheriff’s Department have stepped up enforcement. 

"I want people to slow down, get off their devices text messages you're reading may be your last,” said Anna PD Sgt. Chad Butler.

Butler said speed and distracted drivers hundreds of crashes in the last year and a half.

"We've had three fatalities here since the construction started and that's just a number that we're not happy with. We would rather see it at zero,” Butler said.

Steve Rice drives through the construction zone almost every day.

"They put the signs up that tell them, hey, you know, slow down to 55, they got the rumble strips out and all that was just back here a few miles ago. People were still going 70, 75 miles an hour so,” Rice said.

Police said one driver was recently caught 89 miles an hour in the construction zone.

"We think that that increased enforcement is not only going to slow traffic down, it's also going to result in some saved lives,” said Lt. Nick Bristow, Collin County.