Rowlett PD: Man breaks into house, leaves nude photos & graphic note

Police are tracking down leads after a bizarre burglary that happened last week in Rowlett.

Police say a man entered a woman's bedroom window while she was gone. He used her camera to take nude photos of himself and left a chilling, graphic note.

Investigators have two tips they are actively working on following. They also want to speak to someone seen acting suspicious in surveillance video two weeks prior to the unusual, and scary invasion of privacy.                     

Nothing much has happened in the Rowlett neighborhood until last week on September 26. That was when a woman returned home from work around 6 p.m. and found her bedroom ransacked. Someone had left nude photos, a used condom and a disturbing note.

“What the note indicates to me is that the suspect does not know the victim,” said Rowlett Police Det. Cruz Hernandez. “Because the note makes a notation that is ‘I’ve been watching you.’"            

Police believe the man scaled a six-foot fence and entered through an unlocked window in the backyard. They do not believe the intruder even knew the woman. They do believe he didn't come from far.

“The only thing we can gather is that it's connected to the house,” Hernandez said. “So we believe it’s possibly someone living or staying within walking distance of her home.”

Police are trying the spread the word by passing out flyers and seeking surveillance video from area residents. Neighbors are taking precautions.

“We're using our alarm system more now than ever before instead of just using it when we're going to bed for the night or if we're just leaving for the day,” said neighbor Chris Childress. “We're definitely using it during the day too.”

Police are also circulating a video a neighbor captured from a block away 16 days before the crime. It shows a man running and wandering around a home late at night. Police want to talk to him, but they say he is a person of interest right now and not a suspect.

Investigators are pursuing all leads to catch the culprit behind the bizarre burglary soon.

“That kind of behavior we find is something that people don't control or stop,” Hernandez said. “We believe it's something that they continue and some cases they escalate.”

A friend of the victim says the woman is very shaken by all of this. She hasn't returned to her home since and now worries everywhere she is going that she is being followed.         

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