Efforts continue across North Texas get more people signed up for COVID-19 vaccine

The effort is growing to reach more North Texas comminutes to get people vaccinated.

UNT Health Science Center student Vincent Hua is studying to become an emergency medicine doctor.

He said field work at a prominent Vietnamese temple in east Fort Worth hits home.

"It feels good because I am actually from a community like this," he said. "We’re basically just going from car to car. These people are here to get food rationings from the temple, so were using the opportunity because there’s a large gathering to be able to talk to each family and to see if they’ve gotten the vaccine, and if not, if they want one."

"Having them out here and having them give us all kinds of valuable information is very positive. It will help the community," said Drew McDonald, who was picking up food at Huong Dao Temple Wednesday.

Med school students were armed with clipboards and iPad to get some people registered and information to others.

In addition to getting food donations, many, including those who speak little English, were receptive.

While inside the temple, some with appointments received shots.

"The language barrier most of the Asian seniors, they don’t speak English and they don’t know where to get the vaccine, or where to register for it, so we try to invite them, talk with them to get the vaccine," explained Huong Dao Temple Reverend Lam Nguyen.

In addition to this outreach, HSC Fort Worth opened a new clinic in Saginaw Tuesday, and is looking at four other sites in Tarrant County.

The reality is that skepticism about the vaccine still exists, but city leaders visiting the site said the effort is what’s key.

"When people learn more about the vaccine, they are less apprehensive and taking it," Gyna Bivens said.