Protests in Hood County support, criticize same-sex marriage

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Protesters for and against same-sex marriage faced off Thursday in Hood County as same-sex couples tried to get the county clerk to issue marriage licenses.

Hood County Clerk Katie Lang has declined to issue licenses to same-sex couples despite a ruling from the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States.

Lang initially said no one in her office would issue same-sex marriage licenses because it would go against her religion. She later said her office would issue them in three weeks, once new forms are printed. 

Same-sex marriage supporters called on Lang to issue the licenses without a delay. 

Joe Stapleton and his partner on were told Thursday to come back for a license in three weeks. the men's lawyers say they are prepared to sue. 

Supporters of Lang gathered in the Granbury town square not far from same-sex marriage supporters.

“We will not stand by and watch as people try to infringe upon the personal liberty and religious freedom of our fellow Texans,” said Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values, who supported Lang’s decision.

Same-sex marriage supporters said it was time for the clerk to follow the law.

“Just do your job. Do what you're elected to do. You have to put -- you can't run your office -- you're not running a church you're running a government office,” said Ashley Wynn, a Hood County resident.