Portillo's in The Colony brings in a 'crazy' amount of money every day, CEO says

Chicago-based chain Portillo's has been bringing in the big bucks since the store first opened in The Colony, Texas in January.

During the company's Q4 earnings call CEO Michael Osanloo revealed that the new location in The Colony, which is north of Dallas, has been their number one restaurant in the country since it opened.

According to Osanloo, The Colony store has averaged $48,000 in sales per day. 

"That annualizes to $17 million per year and that's a crazy number," Osanloo told investors. "We feel really good that this restaurant will significantly exceed our underwriting expectations and sets us up for further success in Texas as we continued to expand."

The CEO says he expects sales to tail off at the store eventually.


Portillo's expanding to Arlington, Allen by end of 2023

Chicago-favorite Portillo's is a huge success in North Texas, and if the long lines in The Colony aren't a big enough sign, here's another: they are expanding.

Portillo's is expected to open more North Texas locations, with stores in Allen and Arlington later this year.

In addition to the popular Chicago-style hot dogs, the fast-food restaurant now also serves Italian beef and sausage sandwiches, burgers, chopped salads, cheese fries, chocolate cake and shakes.