Pop-up food park opens for families in South Dallas

A new food park is open in an often forgotten South Dallas neighborhood.

For the next month, an empty lot on Martin Luther King Boulevard at Holmes Street will be transformed into a space for families with food, vendors, musicians and entertainers.

During this time, visitors can give input on the future of mobile food options in the city.

"The beauty of temporary is that it will come down sometimes so people can have their fears of permanency alleviated. We can experiment. We can try new things. And then it does come down. People can sometimes wish it would stay. People would sometimes want to tweak things. So it’s an incubation period in which we can try something new and then it can go forward into permanency with some tweaks," said Kristin Leiber with the Better Block Foundation.

For more information about the MLK Food Park, visit www.betterblock.org/mlkfoodpark.