Police: Woman killed as stunt drivers takeover Dallas street

A woman was fatally shot as stunt drivers took over a Dallas intersection late Sunday night.

It happened around 10:40 p.m. Sunday near Duncanville Road and West Ledbetter Drive. About 60 vehicles were blocking the intersection to race and perform stunts.

The victim who was killed lived nearby and her family says she was watching the commotion. Dallas police don't believe there was any communication between Lynetta Washington, 54, or the street racers prior to the shooting.

"Just come forward. If it was an accident, say that. People make mistakes," said Angel Durr, victim's daughter.

Washington lived nearby the site of the incident with her 18-year-old twins.

"My mom was watching a race," Durr said. "She was just watching some people race, all of a sudden they started shooting."

"She was walking towards her car and it's possible she got hit by a stray bullet," said DPD Deputy Chief Terrence Rhodes. "At this time we don't have an information that there was any altercation between her and the speeders."

Which makes it that much harder for Durr to understand.

"To not know how she died on top of it is just really hard," Durr said. "I feel like I'm not even here right now so I hope you feel the same way. I hope ten times."

Detectives are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses in hopes of developing some leads.

"Detectives went out there again today to see if they can't get some more leads," Rhodes said. "Right now we don't have a suspect description."

Police said they also don’t have a vehicle description tied to a potential suspect.

Rhodes did not know if previous instances of takeovers have been reported in that area. But overall, street racing is a big problem in Dallas.

"The numbers are extremely high," said Jennifer Staubach Gates, Dallas council person.

The police department launched street racing initiatives to target racing and stunting a couple years ago. They result in dozens of weekly arrests and citations. This weekend alone 174 people got a ticket and 35 were arrested.

"We see it all throughout the city," Gates said, who is chair of the Dallas City Council’s public safety committee. "We’re making arrests of individuals here that have been associated with instances in San Antonio."

She and some colleagues are pushing for a street racing bill with bipartisan support that’s making its way to the floor of the Texas House. If passed, it’ll allow authorities to seize certain vehicles involved in street racing.

Dallas police are asking for the public's help in finding those responsible.

"When guns are involved, that's when you take it to a different level. I just can't understand that," Durr said. "Just be a good person. You don't want that karma, you don't want it, so just do that right thing."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477.