Police: Suspects broke into Fort Worth home twice

Police are looking for two people who broke into the same home two days in a row in Fort Worth.

During the second robbery, a woman was inside the home and was held at gunpoint by the robbers. Surveillance cameras recorded the frightening incident.

Surveillance video shows the suspect slink up the stairs last Thursday with his gun drawn. Moments later, he scampered down the stairs and outside after police say he ran into the homeowner's cousin who set off the alarm.

“She activated the home alarm system very rapidly which we would like to say saved her life,” said Fort Worth Police Officer Buddy Calzada.

But it wasn't over. The woman ran downstairs to try to lock the door. The suspect then briefly popped back in and struggled with her before finally taking off for good.

One of the homeowners spoke with FOX 4 but asked we not show his face.

“My cousin’s terrified,” he said. “I mean she's barely even speaking now because of the incident.”

The most bizarre part of the crime is that police believe the suspects hit the same home on Melanie Drive in Fort Worth the day before.

During that situation, people who live at the home got an alert on their phones showing someone was inside. The man we spoke with says his brother rushed home and spotted one of the guys behind an air conditioning unit.

“When they came around the AC unit, he pushed the gas to try to get a better look,” he said. “And he got closer to them and they pulled a gun out on him. So he takes off and keeps going.”

Fort Worth police are circulating surveillance photos taken of the suspect inside the home and also released a photo of another man at an area gas station that they believe is an accomplice.

At this point, it's unclear why they allegedly struck the same home twice. Police believe it’s perhaps because they weren't finished taking everything they came for.

“They saw some items in the house that they were not able to get away with and they wanted those items pretty bad,” Calzada said. “Bad enough to point a handgun at someone.”

Police say the man got in the same way both times and was able to break-in more easily the second time because the door wasn't fully repaired.

Detectives believe the suspects were in a small silver or gray car.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fort Worth police.