Players, parents try to beat the heat at weekend Plano soccer tournament

The first day of summer brought a very hot afternoon and evening for players and parents at a soccer tournament in Plano.

The Kyle Owen Classic runs from Friday through Sunday. Parents out on Friday had umbrellas, fans and plenty of water on hand to help.

Many of the players are old enough that they've played in weather like this before. But Friday’s heat was early in the season, and the first time was rarely comfortable.

The Kyle Owen Classic welcomed youth teams from all over starting Friday night.

Chad Sirratt's daughter, Madison, was among those competing. But the preparation had to start many hours beforehand.      

“The day before, lots of water, hydrate and carb up and stuff like that before the game,” Chad said. “It's the first game for them in the heat though, so they're probably going to pay for it I'm sure.”

Steve Parker is a licensed athletic trainer working the tournament.

“The problem today is this is the first hot weekend,” he said. “Granted, the kids have been working out all spring into this summer, and they are pretty much used to it. They try to work out during the heat of the day and get used to it. But you can only do so much.”

Thankfully, the breeze was bountiful for the triple-digit heat index Friday night, but it was only the first day of summer. The wind won't always be there, and the heat will be.

Players are taking water breaks mid-half. They also have a paramedic's tent keeping an eye out for signs of heat exhaustion.