Plano ISD leaders say they are working to improve bullying prevention

Plano ISD’s superintendent admits there is work that needs to be done to improve communication as it investigates bullying cases.

"Our lane is to educate our kids to the best of our abilities for the futures they want to have. And while they’re with us, we care for them and if the perception is something we’re doing or a lack of communication is making people feel like we don’t then that’s something we need to work on. And I’m not afraid to say that," Superintendent Sara Bosner said.

Earlier this year, the mother of a Haggard Middle School student claimed her son – who is black – was bullied by white classmates.

The district said it issued consequences after completing an investigation but did not say what the disciplinary action was or how many students were involved.

The Collin County NAACP hosted a virtual discussion with school leaders Wednesday night hoping to ease the frustration felt by the community.

The superintendent said administrators have been re-trained on the district’s bullying protocol, which requires that claims are investigated and those involved are notified about any action taken within 10 days.

During the discussion, the district also addressed disparities in the suspension rates among black and Latin American students.

"Looking at our system and looking at how we intervene with students through a lens of equity," said Dr. Courtney Gober, the Plano ISD assistant superintendent.  

School leaders said they are taking a new approach – partnering with an outside agency to offer administrators more support.

They said they no longer need two alternative schools.

Next year there will be just one and the other building will be used to provide services to students like a clothes closet and food pantry.

The district is planning more community meetings to get feedback on diversity and bullying issues.