Plano drivers report seeing an alligator on the road. It wasn't quite what they thought.

The Plano Animal Shelter said it received reports of an alligator on the side on of the road, but when they got out there, it wasn't quite what they expected.

City officials said they got a number of calls about an alligator in the westbound lanes of the George Bush Tollway during rush hour Monday morning.

(Courtesy: Plano Animal Shelter)

When Plano Animal Services arrived they found it wasn't an actual alligator, it was a realistic-looking alligator toy.

Animal shelter employees scooped up the little guy and decided to make him a part of the Easter display in their office.

The city joked about the discovery in a post on social media saying, "You never know what you’re going to see on your morning commute!"

(Courtesy: Plano Animal Shelter)

There is no word on where the little guy came from or who it belongs to.