Pizza delivery driver manages to escape after being kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint in Dallas

A woman narrowly escaped a kidnapping after being robbed at gunpoint in her car Saturday night.

Dallas police said the 35-year-old was delivering a pizza at 10 p.m., at an apartment complex south of the George Bush Turnpike.

As she was walking back to her car, police said a man pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

He told her to get into her car, and he got into the driver’s seat.

He drove her around Dallas for an hour, and police said he continued to demand money, and at times assaulted her.

At one point, he forced her to withdraw money from an ATM at gunpoint.

The man eventually pulled into the Bernal Food Mart parking lot in the 5500 block of Bernal Drive.

That's when victim jumped out and ran into the store, yelling for help.

A store clerk called police and locked the doors as the suspect tried to get in.

After not being able to get into the store, the suspect fled the area in the woman's Kia Sportage. Police said he remains at-large.

The victim was treated at the scene by Dallas Fire-Rescue.