Picture of 2-year-old and baby gorilla at Fort Worth Zoo goes viral

The picture of a little girl and a baby gorilla sharing a special moment at the Fort Worth Zoo has gone viral and has made people smile all over the world.

Braylee Davis says she can’t wait to go back to the zoo so she can hang out with her new friend, Gus.

"I saw a gorilla,” Braylee bragged. “Gus touched my hands.”

The picture of Braylee and Gus joining hands through a glass display on Monday has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

"Momma had ahold of baby Gus and he kind of stood up and turned around and stood up to Braylee, and Braylee stood there. They kind of just stood and stared at each other for a few minutes,” explained Cadee Davis, Braylee’s mom. “And we were like oh my gosh and my mom was like take a picture take a picture!"

"We've heard from Spain, the Philippines, Denmark, the United Kingdom,” said Alexis Wilson with the Fort Worth Zoo.

And Braylee, who is about to turn 3, hasn't stopped talking about it.

Augustus, or Gus, was born in December, He was the first gorilla born at the Fort Worth Zoo.

It was a rare moment that seemed to capture hearts.

"It really is a great illustration of exactly what we're trying to do at the Fort Worth Zoo,” said Wilson. “That we want people to connect with nature."

"It's just kind of something that's joyful and funny and exciting and sweet and innocent,” said Davis.
“And that's why I think maybe it took off."