Philanthropist Mackenzie Scott donates $9 million to Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

There was a big blessing for non-profit home builder Habitat for Humanity.

A $9 million blessing from Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, who is spreading her billions to do as much good as she can.

Habitat for Humanity is changing the landscape of old places by building new homes.

In West Dallas, this big gift will make a big difference for someone who needs a place to call their own.

It is a life-changing moment for families who are moving into their own home made affordable by Habitat for Humanity.

"Where a family resides, that's where their memories are created," Dallas Habitat for Humanity CEO Dave Lawrence said. "It’s a wonderful, wonderful part of life."

Now, a wonderful gift from billionaire philanthropist Mackenzie Scott will help Habitat for Humanity keep building.

"Habitat Dallas received $9 million, and 83 affiliates, plus Habitat International, received an additional, well, in total, $463 million," Lawrence said.

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That’s $9 million that will go to Habitat's work in Dallas.

"It allowed us to envision what could be. You see the house we have here in West Dallas, we have 19 lots behind it. We're running out of land," Lawrence explained.

Habitat holds 12 acres in the Joppa neighborhood in Southeast Dallas. The plan is to put 75-100 homes there, but the land has to be made ready first.

"It’s going to take well over $2 million to put infrastructure in roads, sewers, utilities," Lawrence said. "And the $9 million will go to help finish that property and then go and buy additional land, and then we have to put more infrastructure in for those."

Lawrence said these homes are badly needed.

"We've got a gap of 20,000 homes that Dallas is short for affordable housing," he said.

Scott has become known for her surprise donations to charities and non-profits.



Lawrence is grateful for the billionaire's benevolence.

"It’s a significant contribution to a very worthy and needy organization, and we're excited about it," he said.

The big donation will allow Habitat for Humanity to continue the work that it has been doing on a larger scale, not just building homes, but building lives.

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