Pete Sessions, Colin Allred debate on eve of early voting in contested Dallas-area race

Two candidates in one of the most watched house races in the country held a debate in Dallas Sunday night, hours before the start of early voting.

Long-time Dallas Representative Pete Sessions is facing Democratic challenger Colin Allred.

This debate was intense from the get go. It was their third debate so far, but not their final before election day.

They both began with opening statements, with Sessions talking about his emphasis on promoting a free enterprise economy, and Democrat challenger talking about fundamental values of equality, freedom and justice.

"When there are Neo Nazis marching the streets chanting 'Jews will not replace us' and the president says that there are good people on both sides, when children are being separated from their families at the border, when our government tried to ban an entire religion from entering our country I think that that is pushing us further apart from one another at a time where we should be trying to come together,” said Allred.

"For the years that I have represented you I've had an opportunity to earn this award each year from the Chamber of Commerce. It's called the Spirit of Enterprise Award. The Spirit of Enterprise Award is given to those people who embody the ideas of supporting the US Chamber on economic growth and the ability that we have to make sure our country can not only pay its bills but grow economically so that each and every American has an opportunity to better their life,” said Sessions.

Two early topics also included health care and immigration.

Allred argued that sessions voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a plan to replace it, and just changed his position to support coverage for preexisting conditions. Sessions pointed out that he proposed a plan two years ago to reform Obamacare, which would allow it to live, but provides an option, not a mandate, and does include coverage for preexisting conditions.

They also talked about the trump administration's border wall.

Sessions was booed when he said that illegal immigrants are taking advantage of the U.S. without a wall. He wants the wall, saying people along the border have asked for help and border patrol agents are outgunned. Allred says the wall is an issue Washington created, saying it's a waste of money, it could be ineffective and we are a nation that has always accepted refugees

They also talked about Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump's tax plan and tariffs.