Paxton wins battle over Huffines in pricey GOP primary fight

Angela Paxton is the winner over Phillip Huffines in one of the most visible and nastiest races of this year's primary.

The two spent millions of dollars on television attack ads the past two months to win the Collin County-based State Senate seat. They spent nearly $10 million combined.

"Everyone in this room, the fact that you're here, it's because you chose not to do the safe thing. You chose to help me, you chose to help this county and you know what? Together, we are going to make a difference," Paxton said.

Paxton won by about 10 points over Huffines.

“Tonight we did not prevail," Huffines said after he called Paxton after 11 p.m. to concede."I would like to wish Mrs. Paxton to best of luck against the Democrats."

Angela is the wife of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Prior to his election as Attorney General four years ago, Ken held the same State Senate seat – District 8, which represents most of Collin County as well as Richardson in Dallas County.

Angela’s campaign borrowed $2 million from her husband’s campaign to help fund her campaign and all the television ads. Angela stayed true to the typical Republican talking points of securing the border and supporting the Second Amendment.

Phillip Huffines is the former chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. He is the twin brother of current State Senator Don Huffines, who represents District 16 in Dallas County. The Huffines brothers are part of the well-known Huffines family who owns car dealerships, real estate and other businesses.

Paxton will face Democratic candidate Mark Phariss in the fall.