Parents upset about missing uniform money

Parents of some Fort Worth high school cheerleaders are fired up. They say they paid for uniforms and equipment they have yet to see.

Some parents of the 14-member varsity cheerleader squad at Dunbar High School say money, collectively thousands, that they shelled out for actual game uniforms is missing.

Catrena Boston and other parents tell FOX 4 they paid their coach roughly $1,300 cash to their cheerleader coach for two uniform outfits, one warm-up suit, accessories and sneakers.

They describe the woman as a sub-contracted worker who coaches at a Fort Worth ISD middle school and volunteers at Dunbar.

“We entrusted the district, the school, we entrusted all of them and now, not only are we financially the victims but our children now are the emotional victims to this,” said Boston.

District officials on Thursday would not speak specifically about the employee involved, but acknowledged that there are cheerleader funds unaccounted for at Dunbar and that they are investigating and preparing a remedy.

“What we know for sure is that we have some students who are not properly outfitted even though they paid some money,” said Fort Worth ISD spokesman Clint Bond. "We're going to make every effort we can as a district to make sure that those children are made whole again, those parents are made whole.”