P-22 euthanized: Famed LA mountain lion put down due to injuries, 'chronic' health problems

Mountain lion P-22, known for famously wandering the hills near the Hollywood sign and more, has been euthanized due to "severe injuries and chronic health problems," wildlife officials announced Saturday. 

On Monday, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials found P-22 in the backyard of a home in the Franklin Hills community near Los Feliz using GPS signals from his collar following a days-long search. 

Wildlife officials wanted to give P-22 a medical evaluation after displaying behavior they classified as distressing. Since early November, authorities said he’s been involved in at least five incidents with people and their pets, including the killing of a Chihuahua, and another dog that was attacked but survived his injuries. At that time, authorities said P-22 would either spend its last days in specialized sanctuary or the possibility or be euthanized. 

On Saturday, officials said the latter was the more humane option.

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"It was a tough decision. It was the correct decision. This animal did not deserve to suffer," said California Executive Director of the Natinal Wildlife Federation Beth Pratt.

Following his capture earlier this week, P-22 was treated for "traumatic injuries" at the Los Angeles Zoo after officials say he was hit by a car. He was moved to San Diego Zoo where advanced testing found he had a skull fracture and "herniation of abdominal organs into his chest."

The mountain lion had also lost about 20% of his body weight, officials said, and was diagnosed with: stage two kidney failure, advanced liver disease, heart disease and beginning stages of heart failure. He also had an "uncommon parasitic infection."

"I had moments of hope," said Chuck Bonham, Director of California DFW. "We pulled out all the stops and there were moments when I thought we would make it."