Organ recipients meet donor's family in emotional reunion

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The family of a high school athlete who died following a game injury got a chance to meet the people his donated organs helped save.

Ronnie Matthews' 16-year old son, Cam'ron, died after suffering a head injury during a football game in East Texas.

Cam'ron's heart now beats inside Charlie Robbins. His lungs saved Susan Sisco and Ronnie Irwin from the brink of death. Dana Hall now calls Cam'ron's right kidney her own.

"I didn't even know I'd be alive at this time,” said Hall. “I have two sons I'm raising. Cam not only gave me life, but he gave me life to give to my sons."

Cam’ron played strong safety, wide receiver and backup quarterback for Alto High School. He collapsed on the sideline last October and died a day later.

"He was just an awesome kid all the way around, and we miss him,” said Matthews. “But I think he had some higher work to do.”

The donor recipients got the chance to meet Cam'ron's family during an emotional reunion at a Dallas hospital.

Cam'ron's mom sister quietly took it all in while some of his organ recipients looked at photos of him for the first time.

"The foundation of your family is so strong,” said Irwin. “And you did a fantastic job of laying the foundation for Cam."

"From the time I saw Cam and found out who he was, I love him,” said Sisco. “I think about him every day. I think of you all every day."

Matthews said his family is thankful they got to hear Cam’ron’s heart once again.

"Just to know he helped so many people, it's great,” he said.

The group now considers each other extended family members and say they'll stay in touch.