North Texas teacher who had arms reattached to take part in Cowtown Marathon

A North Texas teacher is preparing for the Cowtown Marathon, fueled by her determination to never give up.

Runners in Fort Worth mentally geared up Friday when picking up registration material for the 41st Cowtown Marathon.

Meanwhile, in Denton County, a teacher at Aubrey Middle School is also prepared for the race despite life-altering injuries, including having both her arms partially amputated and reattached.

"Everything I do has been altered because of injuries,” said Myranda Williams.

Williams was an avid runner until June 2017.

She was riding a bike in west Texas, training for her first triathlon, when a car hit her.

"My left arm, my hand works completely like normal, but my elbow only bends to 105 degrees,” Williams said. “My right arm, I have a lot of atrophy in it."

Williams has undergone 14 surgeries, including efforts to repair the nerves in her arms and hands.

Her legs were also injured and her memory is still affected, yet she presses forward.  

"There’s parts of a good month before that I don't remember. I look at pictures and I'm like, ‘Oh, I was here or I did this.’ The morning of the wreck, I took a selfie with my step brother I was riding with and I don't remember taking that."

As thousands of runners and walkers prepare to hit the pavement this weekend in Fort Worth to compete against time, Williams considers herself already a winner just for having the chance to get in the race.

"It could’ve been worse. I could’ve lost my arms. I still would be able to walk,” she said. “Even though I have impairments, I'm able to get out there and do that, and for that, I'm grateful, because God is good.”

Williams is set to walk the half-marathon on Sunday.