North Texas mom finally well enough to share her COVID-19 story

As many people are getting vaccinated and businesses are opening back up, it’s easy to forget that some people are still battling COVID.

One North Texas woman, in particular, is still fighting to get out of a hospital bed.

Erika Bazan has been in the hospital since January.

After nearly 100 days in the hospital, she is finally on a journey to recovery and telling her story.

"I’m so thankful. To be silenced for so long is impossible for someone who communicates pretty regularly," she said.

The Bazan family tested positive for COVID-19 the week of Christmas.

"All five of us together, including her parents, got infected," Erika’s husband, Cary Bazan, said.

Erika’s symptoms got worse. When she started having trouble breathing, Cary rushed her to the hospital.

"Took her to the ER and she immediately went to the ICU once they saw how serious it was," Cary said.

Doctors put Erika on a ventilator and warned her family she may not survive.

"Five days later that’s when she did a code blue. She doesn’t remember that but me and her sister were in the room. And so, she was gone for five minutes," Cary said.

"I was fighting. Yeah, the best way I can describe it is clawing my way back. It was, I was hanging on to whatever I could hang on to," Erika said.

By February, doctors took her off the ventilator and put in a tracheotomy to help her breathe.

Since her interview with FOX 4, it has been removed too.

Cary posts on Facebook every day to keep friends and family updated.

"It’s become a journal for me. But for her, because she doesn’t remember so much that happened and at some point, she’ll get to read all those," he said.

In the ICU rehabilitation center, visitors are limited to one a day. And since they must be over 18, Erika hasn’t seen her 13-year-old daughter since January.

"I think that’s the hardest part that I can’t touch her or feel her or be near her," she said.

Erika said the support on social media helps get her through, along with the messages of encouragement that cover her hospital room.

"I would not be here without all these kind words all over my walls. All these prayers written where I can read them reminding me who I am, who my God is, my family is, that I can do this. I can do this," she said.

Currently, Erika is focused on standing before learning to walk again.