North Texas groom carries bride down muddy aisle

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What do you do when you’ve been planning the perfect outdoor wedding for two years but it won’t stop raining in North Texas? A couple from Alvarado turned their wet and muddy wedding into a sweet moment they’ll always remember.

Twiz and Nicole Stanley never imagined saying their vows in a soggy field right after a tornado. But that’s what happened at their wedding on their property in Hill County this past Saturday.

Nicole said she started watching the weather forecast weeks before the wedding. She kept holding onto hope that the rain chances would diminish.

“Since Texas weather is so unpredictable at times we just kept our fingers crossed,” she said. “By the time we realized that the rain was going to remain in the forecast there was nothing we could really do to change our plans or move to another venue or anything.”

Twiz was able to at least rent a tent so that his bride-to-be could walk down the aisle without getting too wet. His friends and family helped to set up a couple more for the food and drinks. But then the skies opened up and a tornado warning was issued for the area.

“He sent me a text message telling me that we had lost all of our tents that we had set up for the food the drinks and other areas. It was catastrophic the rainfall and the wind had devastated everything except for the tent that he rented Friday,” Nicole said.

Twiz and his friends scrambled to put things back in order before his bride arrived.

“I was told after the ceremony that there were about 15 guys under the main tent trying to scoop water out of the aisle so none of us ladies would have to walk through it. I had no idea how much it had rained and how flooded everything was until I walked out of the limo down the aisle with my mom and dad and saw it,” Nicole said.

A guest captured video of the touching moments that happened next. As Nicole stood frozen wondering how she’d get her white dress through all the mud and muck, her future husband came running down the aisle to carry her across the way.

“My heart almost burst out of my chest,” she said. “He’s always been my best friend and he’s always rescued me in so many ways but that day and that moment he was truly my knight in shining armor, my hero.”

After the ceremony, the couple embraced the mud. Nicole said she took off her shoes and walked barefooted in the water down the aisle as Mrs. Stanley.

In the end, she said she just feels blessed to have celebrated the day and the incredible moment with her husband and all of their family.

Now the couple is preparing for a honeymoon in New Orleans. They’re crossing their fingers that there is no rain in the forecast.

“But even if there is, I know, no matter what we can weather any storm,” Nicole said.