North Texas Goodwill worker returns $5K found in jacket pocket

A Goodwill employee in the Fort Worth suburb of Hurst did the right thing after finding $5,000 in cash in a donated jacket.

Last month, a donor returned to the store in a panic saying his wife accidentally donated a jacket with cash in a pocket.

Goodwill management promised to look for it and did but the search was delayed a few days because of the big winter storm.

"The first day we had opened back up my softline sorters were back there sorting and she comes up and she says, ‘Rhonda, Rhonda!’ and I said, ‘Yes Makayla?’ and she said, ‘I found it!’"

The money was returned to its owner.

The worker who found the money, Makayla Delapena, got rewarded with a Goodwill Medal of Integrity, plus a bonus check for her honesty.