North Texas food banks, cities helping out those without power, clean water

The weather on Saturday was the best it has been all week, but so many families are still without essential needs.

Cities and organizations around the Metroplex stepped up to help those in need, as the winter storm is gone, but the aftermath is still being felt.

"It’s been rough because I am living in someone else's house. I still don't have electricity and I don't have water," Carolyn Grey said.

FOX 4 didn’t have to go far to see the impact of this week's weather.

The parking lot at Herman Clark Stadium in Fort Worth was packed with cars, as thousands hoped to get food and water because essentials are hard to find.

"I've been everywhere, they are empty," Aliesha Lee said.

On Friday and Saturday, the Tarrant Area Food Bank fed more than 6,000 families.

Lee drove from Arlington, and she waited in line for three hours.

"At our apartment complex a lot of people have been flooded," she said. "We didn't have lights and they didn't come back on until Wednesday. Now we don't have water.

"Thank God for the people doing this, I appreciate it," Gene Moody said.

Moody waited in line for four hours.

Even though he was on the receiving end of being helped, moody still gave back in his own way.

"I don't know who I am giving it to, but I am giving somebody $20," he said. "Thank God. "

The Tarrant Area Food Bank and many other cities, like Dallas, are doing water and food distributions Sunday as well.