North Texas Food Bank continues to see high demand from families in need

The North Texas Food Bank continues to see high demand at drive-thru distribution events.

A food bank at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship on Monday helped hundreds of families in about two hours before supplies ran out.

Church leaders say they've been trying to do a food bank event every week during this pandemic, but they’ve have had to turn cars away each week when they run out of food.

Meanwhile, others are doing what they can to help the food bank stay stocked up and keep up with the demand.

On a normal day, Southfork Ranch might be filled with visitors and fans of the hit TV show ‘Dallas.’ Now, organizers have put the space to good use by hosting a food drive to help stock the North Texas Food Bank.

“This is perfect because people can just drive through up to our visitor’s center, and they can just drop their canned goods off,” said Janna Timm, the general manager for Southfork Ranch. “There’s no contact necessary. We can get it out of their cars for them. We just wanted to help in any way we can.”

Southfork will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this week to collect canned goods, grains and other non-perishable foods.

The collection events help support North Texas Food Bank events like Monday’s drive-thru distribution at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship on Camp Wisdom Road.

“Anywhere from 500 to 1000 families. So it varies based on the days. But I know the first time we did it, we had like over 700,” explained Chris Wheel with Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. “And then the next time, it was up to 1000. And this time, we’ve tried probably about 400-500 because we know there’s a lot of different places now that are providing food.”

Church leaders say about 60 cars were already lined up before they started giving away food at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

“I think it’s really the reality of how it’s hitting everybody, no matter what your financial status is,” said Jimmy Henson, who picked up food for his family. “It seems like everybody kind of needs assistance right now. I’m a hairstylist. Right now, I’m without work and trying to file for unemployment and things of that nature just to make it.”

Kim High is picking up food for relatives. She has a family of seven who are out of work and need help for the first time.

“It’s a big help not to have to worry about money for this when we can use it for other things like diapers,” she said.

Monday's event was the fourth time the Oak Cliff church has hosted a food drive to help during this pandemic. They hope to organize another event in May.

Southfork Ranch will also open up their ballroom to host a blood drive with the Red Cross on May 9.