North Texas brothers busy baking cookies for summer cash

When you’re not old enough to go out and get a job, you become your own boss instead.

And that’s exactly what 9-year-old Jordan and 7-year-old Jeremiah Jolly did about a year ago.

"I wanted to make my own money so we asked our mom, ‘Can we bake cookies?’" Jordan explained.

The brothers are now spending their summer baking some classic cookies, as well as favorites like the banana pudding cookie.

The Cookie Bros advertise on Instagram and sell at pop-up shops. And their creations come at a per cookie cost of $2.

"And if you buy three, that’s gonna cost you $5," Jordan said.

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While there’s not much clarity on their profits so far – it could be somewhere around $100 or more depending on which brother you ask – or where their earnings should go.

"I’m the saver," Jordan said.

"I’m the spender," Jeremiah said. "I like to buy candy, chips and slushies… and donuts."

One thing is clear. The Cookie Bros know each other and know how to create the cookies people crave.

Because while the banana pudding cookies only take about 10 minutes to bake, another two or three to ice and even less time to enjoy, being a part of the Cookie Bros lasts a lifetime.

They shared this one piece of advice. Always believe in yourself and don’t worry about what anyone has to say about you making your own money.

Visit the Cookie Bros shop on Instagram or Facebook at @thacookiebros. 

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