North Texan Trevor Reed to remain in Russian prison following appeal

A North Texas man in prison in Russia for more than two years will remain behind bars.

A Russian appeals court reviewed Trevor Reed’s case but did not come to a decision. The appeal is now being sent to a lower court. Another court previously denied Reed’s appeal.

Police in Moscow arrested the Marine veteran in 2019 for allegedly assaulting a police officer. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Trevor’s family and some United States officials have called the charges preposterous. They said Russian government traffic cameras can make it clear the alleged offense never took place.

Trevor’s parents, who are from Granbury, recently met with President Joe Biden in Washington D.C. to request more help getting him released. They believe he has tuberculosis and is not getting proper medical treatment.

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Paula Reed is frustrated but she says she understands the latest delay with her son’s appeal.

"As a mom, you know what your kid looks like, and he looks terrible," she said.

Paula says her son was never given his appeal paperwork in his English native language, which is required by law. Another hurdle is the eight-hour drive distance between Trevor and his attorney’s location. 

 "They’ve got to figure out a way where they can, get together, sit down and go over the paperwork together," Paula said. "When that time comes, and they’re able to do that, they’ll file the appeal again. It’ll be a lengthy process."

 Trevor appeared briefly via closed circuit. While not completely audible, Trevor seemed to send a message to them regarding his well-being. 

"He just did not look like himself," Paula said. "And I was really, really concerned about his weight."

U.S. officials have called the charges against Trevor preposterous.

There was the same sentiment following Tuesday’s hearing from John Sullivan, Trevor’s attorney and U.S. ambassador to Russia.

"The proceedings continue, and Trevor remains in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The evidence at his trial was so flimsy that spectators, even court personnel laughed at the proceedings," he said. "I’m very disappointed that justice again has been denied for Trevor."

"We weren’t surprised they never sent him his English paperwork because it took a long time to get English documents for other parts of the case. This is a stalling tactic on their part," Paula claimed.