North Richland Hills officer helps delivery baby

A North Richland Hills officer is getting a pat on the back for helping deliver a baby who just couldn't wait for the ride to the hospital. He says his prior training as an EMT helped him remain calm under pressure. 

Patrol duty is typically pretty quiet for Officer Matthew Boyd, a former Hood County paramedic with two years on the force. It’s a far cry from an actual cry a few days ago.

"I had been on a couple of childbirth calls and usually it doesn’t happen that quick," he said.

Officer Boyd was responding to calls on Feb. 3. His dashcam recorded a video when a woman went into labor at her home. He was a block away and not a moment too soon. His paramedic training kicked in.

"Mom said her water broke and her contractions were about a minute apart. I timed one of them. They were getting closer to 30 seconds," he recalled. "I was more anticipating to make sure she was OK and maybe get a little history for the incoming paramedics."

Within four minutes of arriving, the family’s baby boy was entering the world. A cool and calm Officer Boyd also focused on keeping the mom calm.

"I just struck up a little conversation with mom, asked her if it was her first kid and what she was going to name him. That sort of thing," he said. "There wasn’t much more time for much more than a little conversation. Then when the little guy made his entrance, I was able to hand them over to the fire guys."

And there is another timing coincidence to the special delivery. Officer Boyd and his wife are also expecting a baby boy. 

"My wife and I are expecting our first child in April," he said. "So she got a good kick out of this story for sure when I got home."