New details emerge in case against man accused of putting Dallas toddler in dumpster

More details about the recent death of a toddler whose body was found in a landfill came out in court Thursday during a child custody hearing involving the man suspected in the 18-month old's death.

Police testimony detailed some of the evidence against him.

Sedrick Johnson, who police say admitted to putting 18-month-old Cedrick Jackson in a dumpster, was not required to appear in court, and didn't.

In his absence, new details were given about the child's death. 

The hearing was for custody of removed children, but new details in the criminal case came out.

Back in July, Cedric Jackson was reported missing by his aunt, Chrystal Jackson.

Dallas police said the 911 call on July 11 was made at about 6 a.m.

The boy's body was found a day later in a Rowlett landfill.

Investigators say Sedrick Johnson, Chrystal Jackson' live-in boyfriend, swaddled the child tightly.

Just before 1 a.m., police said Johnson claimed the child was chocking and throwing up.

After claiming he performed CPR multiple times, police said Johnson admitted to putting the child's body in a dumpster after the toddler became unresponsive.

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In court Thursday, a DPD detective said Johnson told them he wanted to take the child to the hospital, but was "afraid of what people would say or do."

The detective also testified that based on Johnson's statement, Jackson's extremities weren't moving, but his chest was still moving just before being put in the dumpster.

The detective testified that Jackson was possibly still alive when he was put in the dumpster.

A CPS investigator testified that Chrystal Jackson admitted to lying about not living with Johnson and other children.

CPS officials said if they knew about Johnson's lengthy criminal history, Cedric would not have been placed in his aunt's custody.

After Jackson was reported missing, the remaining children in the home were taken into CPS custody.

In court, Sedrick Johnson's mother, Samantha Mitchell, asked to have custody of five of the six children.

Her son is the biological father to five of the children, ages 6-10.

Some of the lawyers and the judge felt Mitchell was not prepared to take on five children.

So the judge ruled that two of the six children be placed with another family member.

A plan will be made to help Mitchell be prepared to possibly take custody of the four other children.

Mitchell also agreed to possible restrictions, like not being able to visit or talk to her son as much in jail if she was granted custody of the children.

There's no word on when Johnson will appear again in court.

Police say some evidence is still being processed.