New African American Museum exhibition in Fair Park highlights ‘Men of Change’

A new exhibition in Dallas highlights significant African American men who are icons in the country's historical and cultural landscape.

"Men of Change: Power, Triumph, Truth" opens Saturday, June 26 at the African American Museum in Dallas’ Fair Park.

Curated by the Smithsonian, it’s an immersive exhibition that uses light boxes to profile the men. It also uses art, photography, stories, quotes and historical materials to tell the story of the African American journey and, ultimately, the American experience.

People featured include from men who were in politics, sports, science, entertainment, business and religion. Men like Muhammad Ali, James Baldwin, Kendrick Lamar, and more – who have altered the history and culture of the United States.

"These are the people that have been in the shadows, that have not been in textbooks or anything like that. But this exhibition fills that void and it's an opportunity to bring them out of the shadows, into the light through these shadow boxes here and light boxes and presented to the public as an educational process," said Phillip E. Collins, local curator, African American Museum.

Collins says he hopes a young person sees the exhibit and is inspired.

‘Men of Change’ is a Smithsonian traveling exhibit, so Dallas is one of many cities that will host it. It runs from June 26 - September 12 and admission is free.