Neighbor accidentally fires gun sending bullet into woman's upscale Dallas apartment unit

A Dallas woman was shaken up after a bullet flew into her apartment early Saturday morning.

“There's that hole, it looks like it came in through here,” said Meagan Snodell.

The noise from the gunshot jolted her awake at 3 in the morning. She heard a knock at the door a short time later, but was afraid to answer.

She says the gunshot turns out to have been accidentally fired by a neighbor, who was cleaning their assault rifle.

"If I had happened to be in the kitchen, I could have been shot, I could be dead. it's a scary situation," said Snodell.

Dallas Police told FOX 4 they could not provide any details about the shooting because it was a Saturday.

After seeing some concerning statistics about deaths from unintentional gunfire, Snodell reached out to FOX 4."I don't have a problem with anyone owning guns, if you own it, you should know how to use it. You should keep it safely locked up, secured,” she said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 500 people were killed in unintentional shootings in 2015.

"I think more actions need to be taken so accidents like this don't happen. Because this is not just an accident, It could have been fatal,” said Snodell.

Police say there would not be any criminal charges since the misfire was an accident.