Name a cockroach after an ex for Valentine's Day, then watch it get eaten by meerkats

johnas | Flickr

A Texas zoo is offering the perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who thinks their ex is a cockroach.

The El Paso Zoo is allowing people on social media to name a cockroach after their ex. And after the cockroaches are named, everyone can watch them get gobbled up by meerkats and other animals.

Those interested in naming a cockroach after their ex can message the El Paso Zoo on Facebook.

On Feb. 11, the zoo will start posting the names given to the cockroaches.

Then, on Valentine’s Day, they will have a live video where people can watch their ex’s namesakes get eaten by the zoo animals.

Initially, the zoo was just going to feed the cockroaches to their meerkats, but after getting a “tremendous” response, they will now also be feeding the cockroaches to a cotton-top tamarin, golden tamarin, and white-headed marmoset.