Mom's coughing Animoji hilariously shows off new iPhone feature

A new feature on Apple iPhones can turn video of your face into an animated emoji, called an Animoji.

The feature takes face recognition and face filters made popular by apps like Snapchat, and merges them with your favorite text characters. 

A mom in Texas tested the new feature in a message to her daughter, but it didn't go quite as she planned. 

Chanell Sinclair posted the video sent to her sister by their mom.

Sinclair's mother chose a unicorn emoji for her Animoji message.

The unicorn says, " Hey princess, I'm on my way home.I'm getting the Chick-fil-A, okay?"

But that's when things go a little sideways.

It appears Sinclair's mom began coughing at the end of the video and the unicorn's face expressed every detail, including an expletive at the end.

According to Apple, Animojis are created with technology in the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera. It analyzes facial expressions and mirrors them using emojis.