Midlothian PD discredits arrest rumors in Missy Bevers case

Midlothian police discredited rumors of reports that authorities had made an arrest in the Missy Bevers murder investigation.

Rumors began Wednesday night when the Nancy Grace Show reported an arrest could be imminent. The HLN show set social media abuzz.

Missy’s husband, Brandon, also heard the rumors and wanted answers.

Midlothian police confirmed on Thursday no arrested had been made. However, they said they will soon have more resources to help find the killer.

Police say a team from Tarrant County will soon assist them with a video reconstruction -- similar to a crash reconstruction. It should allow them to get a more accurate suspect description when it comes to body size and height.

Missy Bevers’ family has said all along they have faith that Midlothian police will find the person who killed Missy the morning of April 18 at Creekside Church of Christ.

The high profile case now heading into week four and some are beginning to wonder if the killer will ever be brought to justice.

The main suspect is seen casually strolling church hallways on surveillance cameras fully covered in police gear with an unusual walk.

Police documents released last week brought to light possible marital and financial struggles between Missy and her husband. Brandon responded then saying he loved his wife.

Brandon’s mother, Marsha, later posted on Facebook about the family's unconditional love for Missy and begged the killer to turn themselves in.