Michigan woman abandons old dogs because they were "old and smelly"

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A dog owner surrendered her two older dogs because they were "old and smelly". Images via Humane Animal Treatment Society.

Two older dogs are looking for new homes after their former owner surrendered them because they were "old and smelly".

The 10-year-old senior siblings, named Donnie and Marie, were turned in to Humane Animal Treatment Society in Mt. Pleasant. According to the organization's Facebook page, the woman didn't want the dogs because they were old and smelly.

Writing in defense of the dogs, the organization said "But, what do you expect? She forced us to live our entire lives outside. She never showed us any love. Since our young puppy days all I knew was my sister, Marie, and the outdoors."

The organization said the woman loaded the dogs in a crate in the back of a pick up and drove off. They then wound up at Humane Animal Treatment Society and the organization posted their story on Tuesday to Facebook.

Since their story was first posted, someone generously donated to get the dogs a nice warm bath with professional groomers. The society is looking to transition the odl dogs into a safe, indoor - and hopefully forever - home. 

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