Metro rider says another passenger exposed, fondled himself on train

A passenger on a Metro train said she witnessed an obscene act by another rider and captured it all on camera.

Tiana, the woman who shot the video, told FOX 5 she saw the man fondling himself.

"I was on the Metro and I noticed somebody staring at me sitting down on the Metro,” she said. “So I looked at him and he started adjusting his pants. I looked back down, started playing my Sudoku again, trying not to pay attention to him, and then when I looked back up, his penis is out and he's just staring at me.”

Tiana said the incident happened within the past two weeks while she was riding on a Red Line train headed towards Glenmont.

"I don’t even really know my initial thought,” Tiana said. “I know I got mad and I started shaking a little bit because I was so mad."

She said she started to notice the man exposing himself at around Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood stop and he didn't get off the train until they reached the Silver Spring station.

She told us that she didn't film him the entire time, but he was touching himself for the entire ride.

Tiana said she didn't confront the passenger on the train, but once she got off, she told Metro workers and Metro Transit Police came to the scene to take a report.

"I think the only thing that he'll get charged with is indecent exposure, but I think there should be some kind of way that these people can’t get back on the Metro or can’t ride the Metro again,” she said. “I think they should be banned once they're caught."

A spokesperson for Metro told FOX 5 that in a situation like this, people should make sure they get as many as descriptive details as possible and report it immediately.

The spokesperson also said between July 30 and September 9, there have been seven indecent exposure incidents reported and that they are investigating all of them.