McKinney family looking for men who destroyed roof

A McKinney couple with hail damage wanted to hold off on repairs until the end of the storm season.

But now, they'll have to get those repairs done sooner after they woke up Thursday morning to noises on their roof.

The Greener family assumed work was starting early. But instead, they now have a ruined roof and a bigger mess.

The couple believes the men who climbed up on their roof were probably supposed to be doing work on another home that was damaged by recent hail. At some point, they realized they had the wrong house and took off.

While McKinney police try to figure out the mystery, the Greeners are now forced to get a new roof earlier than expected.

Paige Greener and her husband were sound asleep Thursday morning when they were suddenly awakened by people walking on their roof. They assumed it was their contractor who had started on repairs early.

About an hour and a half into the raucous, the work suddenly stopped. Suspecting something was off, the Greeners called their contractor who said he had no idea what they were talking about.

“We hadn't even given this address to our crews yet,” said Robert Weston, owner of Real Restoration Solutions. “So there was no mix up on our end. What exactly happened? I don’t know.”

With no clue who was on their roof, the Greeners reviewed their security cameras and saw three guys with tools using a ladder to access their roof. In the background, their SUV could be seen parked along Lakewood Drive.

When Weston got to his client's house, he saw sheets of shingles torn off and left on the roof and a three-inch gap running along the peak that exposed the attic to the elements.

“Knowing how unpredictable North Texas is, the last thing you need is an exposed roof with hail,” Paige said.

And while police search for the unidentified trio, the Greeners say they’re forced to get a new roof months ahead of schedule.

“I think I’m just more upset that someone would do something like that and not say anything,” Paige said. “That’s the biggest thing. At least make it right.”

The Greeners say the good news is they had already gotten approval from their insurance company to get a new roof but were hoping to wait until severe weather season was over before doing it.

Anyone who recognizes the men in the pictures is asked to call the McKinney Police Department.