Mavs Foundation provides new gym for Oak Cliff non-profit

Some Dallas Mavericks players and front office executives helped christen a new gym they provided for an area non-profit.

It's one of the many ways the organization is giving back to the community.

Monday was a time to celebrate and give back. 

"I am so excited about what we are doing today," said Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall. "This is more than just a court. This is the NBA celebrating 75 years of making a difference in people’s lives."

The Mavs Foundation and non-profit For Oak Cliff unveiled a new basketball court with updated goals, rims and repainted walls. The partnership also included donations from Chime and Coca-Cola. 

Mavs players Jalen Brunson and Tim Hardaway Jr. were there as team ambassadors. The guards helped the kids break in the facility and work on their game. 

"It’s bigger than basketball, and that’s what the Mavs organization has been about since I’ve been here," Brunson said.

"It’s a blessing. It’s a great opportunity," Hardaway said. "This building, this court if for you all. For you to stay out of trouble. Stay in school, have a great fun time with your friends and your loved ones."

For Oak Cliff Executive Director Taylor Toynes says acts like this create lasting impacts on children and their families. 

"Right now what is happening, we are in the midst of an oak cliff renaissance," he said. "We wanna focus on the root cause of the solutions."

This summer, a mural will be added to the building. 

Marshall says their mission in Dallas is more than filling the arena every week. 

"We don’t just work here. We don’t just play here. We live here, too," she said. "This is all about your journey. We are here for you."