Man suffers 'freak accident' while on Scottsdale party bike

An Old Town Scottsdale bouncer jumped in to help after he said a man's foot was barely intact after a "freak accident" on a party bike.

The mishap happened on a multi-person party bike near Camelback and Scottsdale roads on April 20.

Old Town is known for its party scene, and these party bikes take large groups around, so people can peddle their way to the bars.

For one man, his experience ended in what a bouncer described as "chaos."

"People were moving around the party bike pretty frantically," said Sumo Ramirez.

That's what caught his attention as he was checking customer's IDs outside the Goodwood Tavern.

"The young man's leg had gotten stuck in the wheel well and had been injured quite decently," he said.

As a veteran and former firefighter, his natural instincts took over.

"I started moving people out of the way, took off my belt, made a tourniquet on the upper thigh to help the person," Ramirez said.

Scottsdale Police says it appears the man's foot slipped off the pedal and got caught in the tires on the party bike. 

Ramirez says party bikes are all over Old Town, but he has never seen anything like this.

"Honestly, I believe it was just something along the lines of a freak accident. Just an unfortunate event for the poor young man," he said.

FOX 10 has reached out to two different party bike companies in Old Town and have not heard back from either. With many of these types of things, you do sign a waiver.