Man convicted of killing Richardson officer sentenced to death

A Collin County jury sentenced Brandon McCall, who was convicted of murdering two people, including a Richardson police officer, to death.

The jury reached the decision after deliberating for more than eight hours on Thursday.

McCall was convicted of capital murder for killing Richardson PD Officer David Sherrard, along his friend, Rene Gamez.

The jury began deliberating just before 1:30 p.m., and reached the verdict just before 10 p.m.

Since McCall was convicted of capital murder, the jury only had two options: life in prison or death.

On Thursday morning the jury of nine men and three women heard testimony from one final defense witness, Frank Aubuchon. He’s a retired prison administrator who testified about the daily life of a prison inmate serving a life sentence without parole.

During closing arguments, the state said McCall was a “calculated cop killer” and a man who has nothing to live for. Prosecutors said that makes him the most kind of dangerous man there is, even in prison. Prosecutors told the jury McCall continues to pose a future risk to society, including prison guards, and therefore should get the death penalty.

The defense said the state did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that McCall poses a future risk and pointed out that McCall has never assaulted anyone while in jail awaiting trial.

The defense team cautioned the jury from imposing revenge over justice and asked the jury to impose a life sentence without possibly of parole.