Slain Richardson officer’s wife emotional on stand during punishment phase of cop killer’s trial

Much of the courtroom was in tears on Tuesday during somber testimony against a convicted cop killer.

Officer David Sherrard's widow and daughter gave emotional descriptions of the night Brandon McCall killed their family's father figure on February 7, 2018. Fellow officers who knew Sherrard well also took the stand. By late afternoon, the prosecution had rested and the defense began presenting evidence in the punishment phase.

Richardson Police Sergeant Brian Ray and Officer Austin Trice were the first to render aid to fellow Sherrard, who was fatally wounded by McCall that night. Both men were expressive on the witness stand as they described seeing Sherrard take his final breath.

The most gut-wrenching testimony came from Sherrard’s widow. On the stand, Nicole Sherrard told the jury, “I’m struggling. I’m trying to figure out how to do life without him. I feel like they lost their mom, I not the woman I use to be. He was a great husband.”

Earlier in the day, the jury heard testimony from Plano PD Det. Aaron Benzick. He analyzed McCall’s social media accounts, registered under the nickname “ahh chino.”

Prosecutors showed photos of a very fit McCall. Another photo shows a tattoo around his neck with the words “dying to live, living to die.”

Prosecutors also pointed to McCall’s drug habits – everything from prescription abuse to cocaine use. In one post, McCall says he “wants to play football.” Benzik says footballs are slang for Xanax.

In another post, McCall shows video of an AR-15. Benzik says a unique mark on the rifle — along with a lanyard on the handle — lead him to believe it’s the same weapon used to kill Sherrard.

The jury also heard testimony from Leland Miller. He made the initial 911 call after hearing McCall’s friend, Rene Gamez, screaming for help.

He found Gamez outside the front door - holding it shut. Miller testified Gamez told him, “Help me, help me.” The last thing Gamez told him was “I’m dying.”  The mother of Gamez walked out of the courtroom in tears.

More testimony is expected on Wednesday as the defense continues presenting its case.