Man arrested after viral video of Deep Ellum assault

Dallas police arrested a man accused of brutally attacking a woman in Deep Ellum.

Video of the overnight attack quickly spread on social media, sparking outrage. Those who live across the street say they woke up to what was happening outside and started recording. The attack got so bad that they had to step in and call 911.

Surveillance captured the attack outside the Bomb Factory just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

Police identified the man in the video as 36-year-old Jarod Broussard and arrested him for the violent assault.

Dallas police say Broussard punched the woman several times on her head and face and threw her to the ground before getting into his car.

Video shows the victim also get in the car where Broussard continues the assault. Police say he choked her and strangled her for about seven seconds. After she got out of the car, the video shows him also getting out and running after her, shoving her against a brick wall and causing her to fall to the ground. Broussard left before responding officers arrived.

A man who recorded one video didn't want to be on camera but said the attack woke him up. Several people stepped in, calling 911 and getting the woman medical help.

Police say the woman had a cut in the back of her head, scrapes on her knees and a chipped tooth from the attack.

Anna Marie Cavitt doesn't know the two people in the video. Police say they were in a dating relationship.

Cavitt wants others to know there's help available. She hosted a benefit for Genesis Women's Shelter Thursday night just a couple blocks away from the assault.

“I want every woman that walks in there to know that they can get help,” Cavitt said. “And even if it's not for them specifically, they may know someone who can need it because it's a very sensitive subject.”

Residents say though the video is horrifying it highlights domestic violence.

“It's shocking to see, and it's uncomfortable,” Cavitt said. “But we need to be made uncomfortable.”

Domestic Violence detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for him and arrested him Thursday afternoon.

Broussard has been arrested for assault on an ex-girlfriend before. But the charges were dismissed because the victim wouldn't testify in court.

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