Man accused of killing man in Uptown Dallas: "I'm not a monster"

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The man jailed and charged with killing another man in Uptown Dallas over the weekend is apologizing for what happened.

Christopher McKinney, 23, spoke from the Dallas County jail on Thursday. He's been there since he was arrested on Tuesday.

Police say McKinney got into an argument with Demondre Green, 29, over a parking spot on Routh Street.

Keith Green says as he was spotting for his brother so Demondre could back out carefully, two men and two women taunted Demondre saying he better not hit their car. Moments later, Keith says one man grabbed a gun.

"I could see bullets. I could feel bullets,” Keith said. “I could smell bullets."

Police say McKinney opened fire, killing Demondre and injuring Keith before leaving the scene.

“I just feel terrible, miss. I feel compassion for his family. I hate I took him away from his kids, his wife and his mother and his dad,” McKinney said during a jailhouse interview. “And I didn't want any of that to happen. That was terrible. People think I'm a monster, but I'm nothing like that at all.”

McKinney admits to being drunk the night of the shooting. He is charged with murder and evading arrest.

Demondre was a father of three who was engaged to be married.