Maleah Davis had been removed from home in August, returned from CPS custody, officials say

Child Protective Services (CPS) have confirmed that missing Maleah Davis, 4, and her two brothers, 5 and 1, were removed from their mother Brittany Bowen's care in August 2018 by CPS.

According to CPS, the removal was due to allegations of physical abuse related to Maleah’s head injury, which required several brain surgeries.

She and her two siblings were returned home in February, per an order from a judge.

CPS reported they would also go once a month to check on the family to ensure everything was okay.

It is uncertain if criminal charges were being filed against anyone as a result of the investigation.

CPS is working with law enforcement and family to try to help find Maleah.

An Amber Alert was issued for Maleah on Saturday after she was reportedly abducted on Friday night.

Bowens spoke out on Monday, pleading, “If there's anybody that can help me, please, please. I just want to find my baby.”