Longtime Everman friends turning 'Chaos into Calm' with new home makeover TV show

Three longtime North Texas friends are headed for the spotlight after landing a TV show together.

It all started because one of them is a neat freak. Now, they've been tapped for a show that's all about organizing and decluttering.

No clutter. No chaos. Just three childhood friends from the Fort Worth suburb of Everman who’ve turned reorganizing into big rewards.

"People started to ask us to help them with their homes. Our parents. Our friends," said Tneisha Brown. "And then it just snowballed. It blew up."

It started in junior high. Tneisha Brown was a bit messy.

"I got really tired of you and that binder coming into class each day," Lauren Hill said.

Lauren Hill loves everything neat and in order.

"So I would always be shuffling through my bag to find my papers," Brown recalled. "And she said, ‘Look! Enough. Enough is enough."

After earning college degrees and starting families, they couldn’t ignore the thing that brought them genuine joy.

"We were like we can do anything. The sky’s the limit, but we’ve got something going with this organizing," said V. Johnson. "So we put our collective minds together. We bring three different views, three different sets of skills from our corporate worlds."

"It turned into friends of friends, then people we didn’t know and then celebrities," Hill said.

Now, their home organizing business has landed a tv deal.

The series called "Chaos to Calm" will begin in January on the Aspire TV Network. Each episode will bring a dramatic makeover reveal.

The three friends are ready for a new challenge and always sharing a laugh.