Lights at Interlochen gets people into the Christmas spirit in Arlington

We're just about a week away from Christmas, and that means going to take a look at the lights.

Few neighborhoods do it better than Interlochen in Arlington.

It’s no secret that when it comes to Christmas lights, Arlington homeowners don’t like to hold back.

"People are so kind and fun, so that makes it worthwhile," Sue Moore said.

Lights at Interlochen is one of the longest-running holiday traditions in North Texas, entertaining families for 46 Years.

"Grew up in Arlington," Michael Walloch said. "They have, like, the best lights in Tarrant County, I think."

Roughly 200 homeowners join in on the fun, decking out their houses in all kinds of seasonal decor.

"We love seeing all of the lights. Especially after COVID and not being able to really get out. It’s just kind of nice to get out and see people decorate," Shannon Crothers said.

Arlington police have set up traffic control measures to keep the steady stream of cars moving in the right direction.

It’s a can’t miss stop as soon as their holiday break begins.

Some homeowners are fond of trading decorations with neighbors, while others have a stash of trusty classics they use time and time again.

"Oh, these have been around forever. Probably 10, 15 years. You just kind of grow into them," Moore said.

The Moore family has been lighting up their home for 26 years.

"This has been my house since I was born, so this is normal for me. It’s every year and I love it. It feels like home," Mackenzie Moore said.

The lights are on from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. every night until Christmas.

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