Lake Lewisville reopens to boaters

Boaters are welcome to use Lake Lewisville again.

The lake was closed last week after heavy rainfall filled it to a new record – 537.02 feet.

Officials were concerned wakes from boats could flood lakeside homes.

"We know that there were impacts to business interests and others and want to ensure all that the decision to close the lake to boating was necessary to ensure the public's safety," said Lt. Col. Clay Morgan, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

There is a catch to the lake reopening -- none of the boat ramps on the lake are open.

Officials also warn debris, underwater obstructions and wildlife are still hazards.

In Grapevine, boaters are being asked to stay away from buildings and other structures around Grapevine Lake.

Most of the city-managed boat ramps are still closed due to flooding, but various water craft are being allowed on the lake through the Silver Lake Marina.

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