KFC unveils scratch 'n' sniff valentines that smell like chicken

KFC unveiled its answer to boring Valentine's Day cards - a set of retro-inspired, scratch 'n' sniff cards that feature Colonel Sanders and smell like fried chicken.

Since April Fool's Day is a couple of weeks away, we can safely say this is not a joke.

FOX 13's Ken Suarez scored a set of these special cards, which KFC says are available in participating stores across the U.S.

KFC says the set of four cards "romantically combine[s] tender love lines with the intoxicating scent of fried chicken."

Who doesn't crave a whiff of those 11 herbs and spices?

The cards also feature love lines, including:

- "You have the secret recipe to my heart."

- "I fell in love the first moment I slaw you."

- "We're two peas in a chicken pot pie."

- "I'd be with you all the time if only I could. You make me feel so finger lickin' good."

KFC says the limited-edition valentines come with the purchase of a $10 Chicken Share.

KFC and GIF-makers Tenor have also created animated KFC valentines which can be shared using the Tenor GIF Keyboard app.