Woman who was recorded up her skirt by Irving voyeur suspect recalls 2017 ordeal

A North Texas man in jail for assaulting an officer and stealing his taser after he was allegedly caught secretly recording women had been previously convicted for making secret recordings in 2017.

One of the women he recorded just learned this week that the man is under investigation for doing it again.       

The victim tells FOX 4 she still remembers how the suspect made her feel.

Domenique Rodriguez was secretly recorded underneath her dress inside a Dallas Walmart in 2017. Now, the man convicted of that crime is accused of doing it again inside a Walmart in Irving just last week.

"You don’t want someone out there doing that to other people. I didn’t want anybody else to feel the way I felt," she said. "You would hope that somebody would learn their lesson."


Rowlett man accused of taking upskirt videos in Irving Walmart, assaulted officer: police

A Rowlett man is charged with assaulting a police officer after he was caught allegedly taking upskirt videos of women at an Irving Walmart.

In 2017, Rodriguez says she barely noticed Keevis Holland while inside the West Dallas Walmart until police rushed at him.

Mugshot of 2017 arrest

"I noticed, and I looked over, and they tackled him," she recalled. "And that’s when I was like, ‘Oh, what’s going on? Let me move away.’ But I didn’t even think it had anything to do with me at that point."

Moments later, officers told her that Holland secretly recorded her in the store. 

Rodriguez says she was taken to a secure area and shown half a dozen photos from the suspect’s confiscated phone.

"Like he was under my dress," she said. "That shows that he’s done it quite often for him to be comfortable enough to get close to someone."

Rodriguez says she’ll never forget how disturbed she felt seeing Holland while leaving Walmart.

"So when I was leaving, they had him outside," she recalled. "And they were handcuffing him, putting him in the police car. And when I saw him, he smiled at me. And I remember him not having a front tooth. He smiled at me as if he didn’t invade my privacy."

In 2017, Holland was sentenced to one year in prison for secretly recording Rodriguez and another woman at the same Walmart on two separate occasions.

When police say Holland was caught doing it again last week in Irving, he assaulted the officer who tried to apprehend him. Police say he stole the officer’s Taser and used it on a Walmart employee. 

FOX 4 spoke to the East Texas officer who was working an off-duty security gig when he was attacked.

Meanwhile, there’s a reason Rodriguez was wearing a dress to Walmart that day in 2017 when Holland recorded underneath it. She says it was her only clothing that comfortably fit.

"I was also pregnant at the time. I was 4-5 months pregnant," she said. "So I was very emotional as well. So that just felt like a huge invasion of privacy for me."

Now, Rodriguez has two young girls and hopes they never come in contact with someone like Holland.

"And I wouldn’t want my daughters to go through that," she said.

Holland remains in the Dallas County jail on a $152,000 bond. He’s now charged in the attack of the officer, but police are still sorting through evidence to determine what charges he might face for the new allegations of secretly recording women.